March – Aubergines

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My little garden instruction manual says the seeds take around 21 days to germinate, but it’s been now for well over 6 weeks since I sowed seeds yet there is no sign of anything. I find myself staring at the little compost every morning in search of the clues, after all, every other seed I had sowed have already sprouted, not only they have sprouted, but I have already repotted tomatoes and cucumbers into the bigger pots and watch them grow taller and stronger day in and day out, but aubergines… they just refuse to show any sign of life and growth at all.

With no sign of germinating… anything I am starting to blame the soil, perhaps the soil I bought from the garden centre last time was not organic enough, maybe I did not water sufficiently, or have I over-watered? I know, it must have been that freezing cold in February that affected the natural process?

Frustrated, I finally make a decision, there is little point in staring at the soil on my kitchen window-sill, if I see nothing at all, I am just going to dust the soil in the balcony on top of radish seeds, which by the way are already growing… with that intention I reach out for the aubergine seeds tray, when suddenly, I am taken aback. What is this little green shoot in the middle of the tray? That can’t be… omg it’s a tiny tiny little green shoot from the aubergine seed.

I look closely under the thin layer of the soil and there they are… little green shoots from the tiny seeds I’d sowed so carefully weeks ago, perfectly germinated and ready to burst out of their shells.

Seeing with my eyes new life emerging from under the kitchen window got me into thinking, in my haste, have I got myself lost in the instructions so much that I nearly got rid of the perfectly healthy seeds, while they were doing exactly what the nature does so perfectly well – taking their time to mature, germinate and sprout, ready to flourish.

These tiny little seeds made me realize how obsessive at times my behavior can become, how hasty the decisions, yet how important it is to remember that just because we don’t see that what we want to see with our eyes, does not mean life around us stops living. Little aubergine made me realize how important it is to trust and know that nature cannot be forced into doing anything if it’s not ready for it.

Stop comparing yourself to others -I really thought I knew the meaning of those words, but this little incident really made me rethink my previous thoughts what it really means to let go to let new life in, to trust, knowing that everything is in the making, remembering that you see what you desire because you believe, rather than believe because you see them is refreshing.

Who knew little naive seeds of aubergines could become such powerful teachers in trust and believe.

There is a season to everything.

True to our New Year’s resolutions, we are continuing to let events unfold in front of us. This letting go has shaped our upcoming summer events, which is leading us for an extended journey through our other home in Tbilisi, Georgia, I will write how the preparations for this move go next month, but so far we feel excited with the prospects of letting things happen when they happen.

Happy Spring, finally the clouds are out and although there is still a chill in the air you can certainly smell the spring.

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