“Economic pandemic” Lessons from my mother

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Lessons from my mother

There was not a pandemic in the 90s but for me and 5 other million people like me, there might as well had been. My teenage years, the early 20s, are associated with the post-Soviet Union “economic pandemic” in Georgia, where I am originally from. There was almost non-existing employment, I did not know what was the meaning of the

July – Homesick

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Tbilisi summer

I am at home and I am homesick. It’s been exactly 2 months now since I moved to Tbilisi for the whole summer with Alan and I have to say I’m starting to think about our picturesque town up in the North more often than not, not that there is lack of picturesque and characters in Tbilisi and Georgia in

April – Let’s Go!

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A few weeks ago I found myself in Milan with Alan, strolling down the canals in Navigli area. If you’ve been to Milan before, but never visited Navigli neighborhood you should really plan a city re-visit just to hang out over there. It’s vibe is more like graffiti meets rustic pizzerias and the best of the artisans, rather than Michaelangelo’s city, which

March – Aubergines

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My little garden instruction manual says the seeds take around 21 days to germinate, but it’s been now for well over 6 weeks since I sowed seeds yet there is no sign of anything. I find myself staring at the little compost every morning in search of the clues, after all, every other seed I had sowed have already sprouted, not only they have

February – A Meditation Convert

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The UK is snowed under… courtesy of the Siberian winter winds to the direction of Europe, there is a millimetre of snow in Manchester if you look hard for it… although the force of this millimetre seems to be powerful enough to ground trains, buses and cars, at least in England. One by one, I found myself pulling back warm sweaters, woolly

January – Sabbatical on Hold

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It has become somewhat of a ritual for the past seven Christmases that I have been sharing with Alan, the ritual involves selecting a theme for the new year, usually around Christmas time. For example, last year our theme of the year was Deliberate Recreation, that is trying to deliberately recreate certain events in life through deliberate actions, (btw it was my husband’s idea),

Happy #BestYear Like Ever

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tamara alan

O.M.G. I can’t believe another year has just started, just about two weeks ago I was planning my Christmas outfit and now here I am sitting in my recently Feng Shued studio “planning” the entire 2018. I suppose with 365 357 days of new opportunities the future looks bright ;). Seriously, I hope you had a nice holiday, this year

The lesson in perseverance

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How my family discovered the precious water in our garden after the generations of living on a dry land. It’s summer, it’s raining, it’s England… and I can not help but dream of hot summer days, breezy evenings, huge mountains, and our family retreat home in the little village of Bori, in Georgia. If there is such a thing as