Reprint: The journey so far

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I wrote this note in 2009, exactly 9 years ago, (came across it accidentally). Today seems an appropriate day to reprint (unedited). “I can’t sleep so writing instead… …They say when the nation is old that makes people of that nation very proud, and I am incredibly proud to be Georgian. Georgia – little dot on the map everyone forgot

Getting rid of trophies

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It was one uneventful Saturday morning, over a cup of coffee, while casually flipping through the FT pages I came across to the statement more powerful (ok powerful to me) than the entire chapter from the Patanjali’s yoga sutras (which I always keep close by in case of a crisis). It read something like… “I don’t keep trophies, they hold me back”. I

Me And My Tbilisi

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cafe in Tbilisi

In the 90s I lived in Tbilisi and could not wait to get away from it all. But I, of course, loved my home city and enjoyed many things the capital offered, particularly its cultural movements, the alternative theatrical performances, the emergence of the first independent festivals. In between those cultural themes me and my friends started to enjoy our first

The Perfect Day

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It happens sometimes. The sun is shining, the hair looks messy but I like it, Alan gives me a hug as we leave our beautifully decorated apartment to grab a daily cup of coffee. My outfit makes me feel good, I take a deep breath and can’t believe how lucky I am to be able to take my time in

Entre… what?

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Somehow through my University I got invited to attend a special weekend event in the University of Edinburgh campus which would be followed up by a glorious black tie dinner. “Young Entrepreneurs Summit”, said the invitation, Entre…what? I could hardly read the word, never mind pronounce it, and there was no Google at the time to save my day, I

16th century Instagram – The story of a unicorn

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Somewhere at the border of boredom and curiosity I found myself going through the tapestry exhibition in Stirling Castle in Scotland with Alan during our wedding anniversary, I’d already done a full lap of round through the exhibition rooms, when I realised Alan was still staring tapestry number 2… I went up to him and asked if he was enjoying it. In his