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Tbilisi summer

I am at home and I am homesick.

It’s been exactly 2 months now since I moved to Tbilisi for the whole summer with Alan and I have to say I’m starting to think about our picturesque town up in the North more often than not, not that there is lack of picturesque and characters in Tbilisi and Georgia in general, neither there is a lack of comfort and good life here but I am definitely feeling a little homesick for England.

I kind of skipped May and June journalling which I partially blame to the micro chaos associated with the moving. We spent pretty much most of May getting excited about the travel, organizing shipping, and packing everything away. June was dedicated to settling in and pretty much fighting off a hoarder, i.e. a neighbor next door who refuses to throw away everything:).

The joke and little thoughts about my life back in England aside I am loving my summer in Tbilisi. It’s hot, it’s dusty, it’s crazy but it’s cool. This year we made a point to remain within our neighborhood and must say I am completely loving rediscovering the area I grew up in. How could I have missed on so much beauty when I lived here? I guess it’s easy to skip over your own nose when you are after a greener grass. Together we have been re-discovering beautiful Tbilisi architecture that has been slowly fading away, luckily, the city is having a comeback and some of them have been brought back to life, others are still crumbling away but behind the faded facades they all tell wonderful stories, every detail in the architectures stroke, every brush that the painters held to decorate magistic entranceways, every stone that had been placed by the stonemason tells us of the thriving infrastructure that Tbilisi, Tiflis in older times, had been enjoying.

We’ve been loving being here, it’s been mad busy though, busy fixing, redecorating and renovating our homes over at CitizenTbilisi; bringing a little bit of England in Tbilisi Courtyards I took on planting and gardening every corner I could find, therapeutic and organic, joining the hippier side of Tbilisi residents for the rooftop yoga and complaining about the lack of service in shops :).

So the question is, what is better, being home or away or in this case, where is home? hmmm… I thought about it and think to know the answer, at least for me, the grass is greener wherever you water it, and home is where you water that grass. At present grass is getting plenty of water in Tbilisi, but I shall look forward to taking my watering can back home to England whenever the time is right.

Whatever the summer one thing is for certain, summer of 2018 will be the memories we’ll cherish for… like…ever! ;).





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