The Perfect Day

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It happens sometimes.

The sun is shining, the hair looks messy but I like it, Alan gives me a hug as we leave our beautifully decorated apartment to grab a daily cup of coffee. My outfit makes me feel good, I take a deep breath and can’t believe how lucky I am to be able to take my time in the morning, to wear what I like and to have all the ingredients to make a balanced healthy meal right after a gym workout.

Nothing could go wrong.

And then… I call BT to sort out a glitch in the bill charges… I start explaining the problem, then I change my tone slightly, after 1 hour and 58 minutes I threaten to bill for my time and hang up without resolutions.

A client has an emergency, that means I have to push through other deadlines, while I am under pressure I make a spelling mistake in the newsletter headline, it looks unprofessional, I can’t be bothered to cook today so I grill a cheese on toast that gives me a mild heartburn.I should really go for a long run tomorrow (which I skipped today) if I am to make that 10k I signed up for by the end of March.

Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest seems to be on a mission to make us, ok maybe just me, believe that everyone else seems they’ve just stepped out of the meditation cushion, everyone else’s menu is like soo healthy, other people’s businesses works clockwise and everyone is on a mission to upload the pictures from another holiday.

Eventually, I remind myself to mind strictly my own Facebook account, because life is like that, a bit of messy hair, missed workouts, sometimes pushed deadlines but still getting things done is what really creates THE perfect moments. The concept of time is a fascinating, I watched The Tudors on Netflix only recently, in it king Henry the VIII at the end his life asks his trusted friend what is one thing he can not have as a king.. and of course it is TIME. The time that leaves us is irreplaceable, and if we only lived for the perfect moments, (like the moment we said I Do, or even the moment I saw David on a recent trip to Florence) we’d be living life unlived.

Because if we don’t appreciate The Moment, happiness becomes the moment before you want more happiness, so as I take a deep breath after speaking to another customer service officer who promises to sort out my BT contract, I learn to be grateful I have a house I can connect to the BT line, and Alan’s Twitter account I can send my complaint directly to their line ;).

Beauty in life is in many imperfections, and as long as I can smell a freshly brewed coffee in the morning I am going to try to make it my point to appreciate as many moments as I am gifted to have.

Happy International Women’s Day



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